Wake Your Witch

& Manifest The Wedding Of Your Dreams!

Defining what it means to be a witch today & the modern witch craft - along with sharing our Imbolc Altar, favorite magical tools, and teaching you how to create your own sacred wedding space & Magical Altar

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Wake Your Witch

If you are reading this, you have been led here for a bigger purpose...

We ALL have magic within us - and it's time to awaken, nourish, and grow your own unique power.

Do not ignore your intuition.

Ever have those "gut-feelings," or the feeling of "butterflies"? How about a little voice in your head that pops up at unsolicited times, especially when in danger or making an important decision?

These things seem small, but they actually are very BIG.

These are physical body signals from your very own intuition attempting to send you alerts, messages, and more to guide you through your life. These body signals aren't just important, they are vital.

With the help of The Wedding Witch - over time you will be equipped with everything you would need or possibly need to know in order to identify your own body signals and learn how to read or listen to what your intuition is telling you.

Wake your intuition and wake your witch. The time is now.

Just know, this will always be a secure, safe, and inclusive space for everyone to explore their spirituality, discover their self, and also learn how to tap into and harness their natural power.

Although we recognize and respect that natural dualities exist and there is a constant need for balance in Nature, we only encourage positive interactions and teach healthy boundaries.

Be Kind or be gone. This is not a place for judgment and ridicule.

The Wedding Witch will absolutely not tolerate any ill-will, malicious intent, targeted harassment, bullying, hate, or shaming - of any kind.

Everyone is entitled to awaken their witch - boy, girl, man, woman, he, she, they, their, green, blue, red, purple...doesn't matter who you are or where you come from - you are welcome here.

Here, you will be challenged to dive deeper to learn more about yourself, your partner, your wedding style, as well as your unique vision & marriage magic.

You will also have the opportunity through our Facebook page and our in-person 'Meet-ups' & 'Workshops,' to connect and relate to all the amazing people just like you. We want this to be a way for like-minded brides, grooms, families, professionals, and mystics to be able to connect and be a part of a special community focused on spirit, healing, and wellness.

Curiosity is the first step to your very own wedding awakening, and we dare you to explore and discover more about your true self. Transcend the traditional perceptions of what a wedding is and cultivate something truly unique and divine.

Allow The Wedding Witch (@thewedwitch) to be your personal Divine Oracle, Intuitive Guide, & Mystic Priestess a.k.a Magic Teacher, in the vast & wild world of weddings, and she will aid you in your first steps into your new chapter.

Meaning of Being a Witch

Being a witch is a lifestyle - not a trend or an aesthetic.

Living the path of a witch means different things to different practitioners, but each and every path is considered sacred and honored as such.

No one is going to go out of their way to tell you that you are a witch. No one will give you permission to be a witch either. You are either born into witchcraft, a natural born witch who has intuitively been guided by Nature's magic to wield their craft, or you are suddenly awakened and trust into a life you know nothing about.

One is called to be a witch. And, to be a witch, one must simply decide - and then BE.

BE the magic.

BE one with nature.

BE the spark.

BE better than yesterday.

Just BE the witch you are being called to be. Don't just talk the talk either, educate yourself and walk the walk to. A witch must practice their craft in some fashion - or one may become unaligned with their soul purpose and true passions.

Being called to the witch path is a compulsion that won't be ignored. The signs will be blatant and undeniable - and sometimes may simply blow your mind.

The path will find its way to wiggle right into your life, but always in the best way possible. Don't ignore the body signals pulling you towards your magic! The world needs your unique power, and your unique magic will help make impacts around the world.

Don't know where to start? Start with light research, and dabble into some stories and mythology. See what peaks your interest, be patient, and where this new journey takes you!

Old definitions of a witch being evil, a devil-worshiper or wicked are exhausted and outdated.

Like really, yuck.

These are ancient myths, outdated laws, and deceitful lies made up by those in authority or power. The ones in control of our existence have been oppressing witchcraft and women in general since the beginning of Christianity. The past and present authoritarians and wardens of the Earth do not want you to know that you are magic and have the power to make a difference. This spark is dangerous to their greedy corporate organizations and corruptions.

If everyone knew they were capable of magic, miracles, and more - then the systems in power would have absolutely no power and they know it.

Now, Earth constantly remains in a repeating cycle of conflict, war, and pain. Earth is out of balance, and the natural order of the Universe is off-kilter. This constant battle between pain and peace is holding all the innocent and deserving souls back and ruins any opportunity for them to find peace and harmony.

The mundane societal expectations are tiresome and straight b*&$#@%!.

How dare they try to snuff out the light in us?

This is why it is so important to break the witch status quo and archetype. Spark the light in each and every person you possibly can so that we can all win and experience bliss in what will eventually be 'heaven on Earth.'

The modern witch is strong, powerful, mysterious, purposeful, demanding, intelligent, devoted, connected, in-tune, confident, and political.

You cannot fit a witch into a square...but they love a good circle!

*insert winky face here

I could go on and on describing all the ways that we could define a witch.

No, the witch is not a devil worshiper (even though they might incorporate this spiritual belief into their particular craft). No, they are not an ugly hag who lives in a cottage in the woods. No, a witch doesn't eat children or melt when splashed with water.

Erase all prior conditioned misconceptions and false perceptions depicting the witch and their craft. The modern witch will not recognize any other meaning than that of her own. Only a witch can define her own meaning of being a witch and what the modern craft looks like to her. We are the makers of our own magic, and there are no rules.

A witch and her craft is constantly evolving, growing, shifting, and changing.

There is no way you can define her in one simple sentence.

In general, witches today can be defined three ways:

  1. someone who actively practices magical rituals and spells
  2. someone who has a spiritual connection or gift, such as psychic medium and divination
  3. someone who worships the pagan gods and goddesses

You'll find many different kinds of witches like green witches, hedge witches, cosmic witches, healer witches, kitchen witches, moon witches, sea witches, word witches, and many more.

Many of us, like The Wedding Witch will classify as an eclectic witch. This is a witch whose craft is comprised of parts and pieces of many different paths to tailor and channel all the energies and vibrations that help them complete their practices.

Modern Witch Craft

Modern Witchcraft is not one-size-fits-all, but it is meant for everyone.

Witchcraft is the practical magic that aids a witch in their intentions and manifestations.

Witches come in all shapes, sizes and colors - and they all have unique crafts to match.

Witchcraft is recognizing and honoring your connection to nature and the Earth and then using its properties, energies and vibrations to transmute surroundings, channel and conjure energies, and impact the world in a metaphysical way.

"Nature is my religion. I worship the sun, and pray to the stars. The moon knows my pain, and the rivers carry my tears. I bow before trees, and heal by oceans. I am challenged by mountains, and am one with the Earth."

—sharyn marsh (leave her wild)

Witchcraft transcends the typical norms, projections and stigmas previously associated with it - the modern craft will challenge, teach, and force you to grow & be better than you once were before, one day at a time.

Always remember, witchcraft strives for progress, not perfection.

Planting a seed is witchcraft.

Lighting a candle is witchcraft.

Gardening is witchcraft.

Crafting a cocktail is witchcraft.

Praying is witchcraft.

Decorating a tree is witchcraft.

Doing your make-up is witchcraft.

Baking a cake is witchcraft.

Cleaning your home is witchcraft.

Painting a picture is witchcraft.

Dreaming is witchcraft.

admiring the sun, moon & stars is witchcraft.

Hugging the trees and walking in dirt is witchcraft.

Collecting coins is witchcraft.

Making sun & moon water is witchcraft.

Spirituality is witchcraft.

Nature is witchcraft.

Music and/or Singing is witchcraft.

Writing is witchcraft.

Setting intentions & taking action is witchcraft.

Everything is Witchcraft if you want it to be, but it's only magic if you practice it consistently and relentlessly.

The Wedding Witch Imbolc altar

The Wedding Witch is sharing her intimate, sacred space...

Learn a little more about our own altar, our favorite magical tools, and the Imbolc influences incorporated into our current decor.

In The Wedding Witch's last post on Instagram, we shared a brief reel outlining what an altar is and all the magical tools held dear to Kate's heart and her inspiration for her current decor.

View the video below.

The Witch's Altar

An altar can be generally defined as a table, shelf, or any flat surface that is dedicated to ritual practices whether it be of practical nature, or even strictly spiritual or religious.

This space is typically used for honoring higher powers, making sacrifices or offerings to gods, goddesses and deities, and is considered sacred for devoting, channeling and drawing in the desired energies, vibrations, and supernatural strengths of the universe.

Crystals, candles, and more are the favored magical tools of The Wedding Witch.

If you look at the altar of The Wedding Witch, you will find crystals, candles, moon water, a small drinking vase, an altar cloth that can also be used for divination, Florida water, oils, herbs, black salt, oracle/tarot card decks, journals, and books.

Currently, the altar is set up for Imbolc - which was celebrated on February 1st. Imbolc is a joyous season of The Wheel of the Year and is cherished by many witches.

  1. The sun is a big symbol of Imbolc and the process of warming the Earth and a sign that brighter days are ahead and the rebirth of Nature is coming. My beautiful altar cloth from Tamed Wild is not only pastel green, but also pictures the sun front and center in a perfect gold foil accent. I thought this was the the perfect foundation for our Imbolc inspired altar set-up.
  2. Five oracle cards picturing five different goddesses with Imbolc influence and energy - Brigid for healing and inspiration, Gaia for creation and rebirth, Bast for play and joy, Athena for strategy and planning, Vesta for home and hearth, and lastly, Aphrodite, for self-love and nourishment. There are many other gods and goddesses with Imbolc energies - look them up and their stories! Soon - we will share each of their stories in more detail on our Instagram page.
  3. We have decorated and offered beautiful white roses that represents my connection to Nature and the Divine Feminine, and also some sprinkles of frosty baby's breath that represents the wintery snow and the coming of springtime! Kate also has a small offering of moon water so her guides and ancestors may stop by, energize and hydrate.

The altar of a witch is always changing and growing. It's the best, never-ending masterpiece.

Witchy tip: your altar doesn't have to be anything fancy or new.

Look around your home for a small space that you can totally renew and make your own.

As you can see in the image below - The Wedding Witch is using a small Ikea shelf to house her most precious and sacred belongings.

Whether it's a small table, desk, hanging shelf, pillow corner, whatever that space is for you - use it, and the following steps will help you transform it!

CReating Your own sacred space

Now, let's create a wedding altar!

Here's a new twist on a sacred altar space, and how to use this method of action and practice for your wedding vision and planning needs.

Invoke creativity, get inspired, and take action by making a small area for you to be pure magic in with no doubts, fears, or shame. Let your witch flag fly!

Follow these seven simple steps to create your very own sacred space:

1. Find your space & Claim it - Make it Yours & protect it.

2. clean, cleanse and organize your space - set it up to fit your needs, cleanse and purify the energy and vibration of your space, and make it tidy and organized.


4. Create signage and/or a vision board - display the images and words that inspire and influence you so that your intentions are always clear in your mind.

5. Slowly build your altar with tools, supplies and symbols that mean something to you, and allow them to provide added energy and vibration into your wedding craft,

6. It's also important to let go of the things no longer serving you or aligned with your purpose - do not let these things drag you down and cause you stress.

7. Read, research, learn, create, craft, and grow - Be the forever student, the eternal artist, and the Beautiful bride blindly blooming in this wild wedding world. use this sacred space of yours to continue exploring your magic, practicing planning, and crafting your perfect wedding vision.

We thank you for reading, and may you find a spark of guidance & inspiration this wedding season.

Happy Wedding Planning/Wedding Day/Magical Marriage, beautiful bride!

A little love letter from Kate, The Wedding Witch:

"If you have made it this far, first of all - I can't thank you enough for being here! This collection has been in the works for over a year, and I am beyond ecstatic that we are finally getting content out, podcasts planned and so so so much more. Be sure you don't miss out of our first ever Wedding Witch Workshop which is currently in the works with official details to come soon! If you believe in miracles, magic, the mysteries of the universe, healing, love & Light - then this is the place for you. I look forward to serving the industry to provide the best inspiration and intuitive guidance that a witch can give! I can't wait to meet you and see how I can help you focus in on your wedding vision and make your marriage magical AF!"

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