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We are so, so, so glad that you are here, and we are beyond excited to finally share more of the mission, purpose, abilities, and craft of 'The Wedding Witch.'

There is so much to cover, but may this blog post be a brief introduction to who and what 'The Wedding Witch' collection is and more importantly, why Kate has brought this vision to life.

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What is 'The Wedding Witch'?

'The Wedding Witch' is a non-traditional, revolutionary & inspirational wedding blog, podcast & resource collection.

We have a long way to go, and this is just the beginning.

Soon, The Wedding Witch will be full of marriage witchery, intuitive guidance, and wedding inspiration - along with sprinkles of love stories, wellness tips, and spiritual advice. 

You will have access to exclusive planning resources, tools, and advice directly from Kate, The Wedding Witch. 

With over seven years in the wedding industry and her passion to create and serve, along with the practice of her sacred craft, spirituality, and psychic intuitions, she plans to provide value, empowerment, healing and so much more.

The Wedding Witch is a work in progress, and this masterpiece has yet to really take shape. We are so excited to have you here to really watch Her bloom.

For now, follow us on Instagram at @thewedwitch for daily content, live stories, fun reels, witchy wisdoms, and exclusive updates on podcast launches and upcoming workshop details.

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'The Wedding Witch' collection is primarily focused on spirit, healing, wellness & making marriage magic.

Our mission is to help you envision, cultivate, and create your dream wedding, and show you how to use your vision, vows, and promises to weave that same magic into your marriage each and every day, year after year.

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Owner & Creative Director, Mystic Priestess & Oracle host:

Meet Kate Cataldo

The Wedding Witch© was founded in 2022 by Kate, Owner and Creative Director of Katelyn Cataldo Collections LLC. She is a gifted spiritual witch with a unique eclectic craft. She is your Oracle Host and Mystic Priestess here at The Wedding Witch©. Kate is a creative entrepreneur determined to rewrite the script and raise the bar. Her goal - to open hearts & minds, spark Light and passion, influence, guide, empower, and prove that love still exists and will always prevail.

More About Kate

What does 'The Wedding Witch' offer?

The Wedding Witch is brewing up nothing but pure 'marriage magic'!

What is 'Marriage Magic'?

Kate defines Marriage Magic as the mystical spark that influences movement, change, and creation of true love, strong foundations, deep bonds, spiritual awareness, self-discovery, and an ever-lasting, committed partnership designed to create balance, peace and harmony in the home, in life, and in society as a collective.

Here's what's on the menu:

Weekly Videos & Podcast Episodes

Sharing our voice and putting our ideas, theories, and work out into the world.

Daily Instagram Content & Blog Posts

Spells, tips, guidance, and inspiration: aligning our passions of weddings and witchcraft.

Monthly Workshops & Meet-ups

Connect with people just like you! Join us to gather, learn, discuss & more!

Live Readings & 1:1 Magic Mentorships

Live & private oracle and tarot readings, and one-on-one Magic Mentorship services.

A marriage lasts long past the wedding day - and sadly, not every magical wedding ends in a magical marriage.

In a world where 50% of marriages end in divorce or separation, The Wedding Witch is here in hopes to change this depressing trend, and striving make massive wedding waves that ripple around the world.

Kate's main intention with The Wedding Witch is to not only help couples cultivate their dream weddings through inspiration, education, resources and workshops, but she also is attempting to illustrate that the energetic shift in the wedding industry is vital, necessary, and 100% happening.

What energetic shift?

We are currently living in a world were wedding rules no longer exist, and couples are taking control of their unions. Traditional, basic, mainstream weddings are okay - sure - but these types of events are not contributing to any kind of valuable change. It's not about the venue, the rings, or the gown etc. - it's so much more.

Weddings are about the divine union between two people who are undoubtedly in-love, committed to their alliance, and devoted to making a positive impact in today's society.

The process from "said yes," to "I do," should only be about a couple's bond to one another, as well as their connection to their higher selves and the natural world around them - nothing more.

Couples must ask themselves: How does this union benefit ourselves, our families, and the collective as a whole? Does this marriage align with my purpose and the purpose of my partner? Will this union serve us and push us towards higher consciousness?

We need to focus deeper, and inward in order to find the answers. The codes are embedded in our DNA and passed down from our ancestors.

To make your marriage magic long-lasting and strong enough to persevere through life's curve-balls takes a lot of care, compassion, understanding, patience, and development not only as a couple, but as individuals too. Couples are becoming more and more aware that true love does exist, and are holding out for those destined and meaningful connections.

They are also recognizing that the "old" version of a wedding is outdated, and is in the process of an upgrade. Micro-weddings and elopements are becoming more common and standard in the industry, and is one of the many ways the industry is changing and evolving to cater to the couple and not break their bank accounts.

Using her 7+ years experience as a wedding business owner - directing, photographing, and designing for numerous events - Kate intends to bring meaning, miracles and magic back into every single marriage, and then teach you how to keep it there - forever.

These fundamental habits and practices will be passed down through each generation to come after you; but it starts with you. So, take the first step.

Kate uses, teaches, and provides various resources, services, and methods like Reiki, divination, oracle and tarot readings, 1:1 magic mentorship, cleansing, smudging, journaling, spell work, gardening, creating, and other things as well, like holistic nutritional cleansing and printable planning pages and so much more. All to help to lead couples to a healthy and healed mind, body, spirit, and home.

Being a child of divorce (multiple times), enduring child-hood traumas and inheriting some unhealthy coping mechanisms along the way - Kate is no stranger to healing wounds, prioritizing self-care, and is officially standing up for Pure Love and helping lovers break the "break-up" cycle!

It's time to put the work in BEFORE the big day to ensure your marriage magic will never run out!

A Little Love Letter From Kate:

"If you have made it this far, first of all - I can't thank you enough for being here! This collection has been in the works for over a year, and I am beyond ecstatic that we are finally getting content out, podcasts planned and so so so much more. Be sure you don't miss out of our first ever Wedding Witch Workshop which is currently in the works with official details to come soon! If you believe in miracles, magic, the mysteries of the universe, healing, love & Light - then this is the place for you. I look forward to serving the industry to provide the best inspiration and intuitive guidance that a witch can give! I can't wait to meet you and see how I can help you focus in on your wedding vision and make your marriage magical AF!"

The Times Are Changing...

Gone are the days where we adhere to outdated wedding rules and traditions - we are making magic, baby!

We are making our own traditions now, and the only rule is - there are no rules.

{ Let's get wild. }

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